Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Night

Friday Night

Crop top
$26 -


Black heels

Multi strand necklace
$180 -

DIY Barbie Accessory Holder

I will keep this talking short and show you a lot of photos na lang about my DIY accessory holder! hihi...

I'll be honest na, this accessory holder is pretty hard to do, wire twisting, sewing, lahat na.... It took me 2 says to finish this!

facts about this DIY project:

I personally design and sew the dress of the barbie :)
that barbie is 12 years old na! :) 
ash tray yung stand niya!

hihi hope you like it!

27 Bold, Graphic Ensembles for Everyday Wear

DIY Tire Tread Bar Bracelet

Another cool and easy friendship bracelet made by me... Sorry guys if i can't show you my own tutorial, this week is so terrible for me (alam mo yun! cramming all the time!)... But I'll link the video tutorial below where i got this idea!

Presenting my own version of Tire Tread Bar Bracelet!

purple shoe lace hihi (love the glittered one)

That's it hope you like it! 
oh btw here's the link Tying it all together


DIY Finger Knit Bracelet

I just saw this DIY on youtube, and at first it seems so difficult, but no... as you try and follow the steps (of course you need to understand it) you will see how fun it is!

So here's my own version of Finger Knit Bracelet...

that's it :)

watch the video tutorial HERE by Alejandra styles...  and don't forget to subscribe!
She's really amazing! she do amazing videos! hihi


Thursday, November 29, 2012



Brown coat

Michael Kors suede boots

Red handbag
$40 -

River Island black necklace
$9.59 -

Yves saint laurent

The Leather Geek

The Leather Geek

River Island stiletto high heels
$145 -

Tote handbag

Kate spade earrings

River Island cross chain necklace
$9.62 -


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Punk it out!

Nude in Gold

Nude in Gold

Oasis sweater
$56 -

$46 -

Matiko oxford

Shoulder bag
$365 -

Wallis bracelet

Lip gloss