Thursday, November 15, 2012


Finally, already have a free time to blog... This is my first post to my blog, and i find it great to express my feelings and opinions... 

I should introduce myself first.. :)

My name given to me by my parents since birth was Zairah Louise Dagdagan, "Zairah" was given by my papa hihi and Louise was from my mama, my name should have been Frances Louise from the 1994 Miss Universe USA Frances Louise since I was born on that the same year were Ms. Frances joined the said pageant.. (so redundant na ako :) )

I love to draw, drawing is my first love... As i remember when i was i think 5 or 6 my papa teaches me how to draw a soldier, and to think that he has a "daughter" (soldier pa talaga ang pinadrawing saken hihi)...

And when i was in grade 4, i'm awarded as the "best in art" in our class... I really don't understand why i didn't pursue to take architecture instead i settled for business course...

There are too many things that i'm passionate about, so this blog may contain random things that i'm really in to-like sketching, designing, diy projects, and some adventures.. :)

Salamat po!

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